I design interactive data visualization systems that combine automated statistical analytics with interactive data visualization to enhance human exploration and comprehension of data. My research spans the full spectrum of data science, including interactive data visualization, data mining, human-computer interaction, visual perception, databases, and graphic design. The techniques and systems that arise from my research are evaluated in the context of many data-rich, scientific domains, such as additive manufacturing, climate, neutron scattering, text mining, health care, and cyber security.

My projects usually begin with a domain expert who needs to analyze a complicated data set that exceeds the capabilities of ordinary data visualization tools. Working closely with the experts, I design new tools using the latest advances in interactive data visualization. These tools often feature new visual representations of data, new interaction methods with the representations, and automatic statistical analytics that guide the user to the important patterns. As the tools evolve, updated releases are provided to the experts, which they evaluate in real data analysis scenarios.

aerial perspective shading on parallel coordinates illustrative visualization of hurricane advisories Java ray tracer showing Perlin noise texture on a sphere waterfall visualization for time series data
EDEN on EVEREST time-oriented visualization of social media sentiment