I design interactive data visualization and analysis systems to enhance human exploration and comprehension of complex data. My research combines data-guided, machine-enabled, and human-directed techniques with cross-cutting scientific applications.

Bio · Dr. Chad A. Steed is a Senior Research Staff member in the Computational Data Analytics Group at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). He holds a Joint Faculty Appointment with the University of Tennessee's Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department and he is an Adjunct Professor with Mississippi State University's Department of Computer Science and Engineering. Before joining ORNL in 2010, he spent nine years as a scientist with the Naval Research Laboratory. Dr. Steed has a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from Mississippi State University, where he studied visualization and computer graphics. He also received a B.S. in Software Engineering and a M.S. in Hydrographic Science from the University of Southern Mississippi. Dr. Steed's research spans the life cycle of data science including interactive data visualization, data mining, human-computer interaction, visual perception, databases, and graphical design. His current focus is to design systems that combine automated analytics with interactive visualizations to enhance human exploration and comprehension of complex data. Dr. Steed is a research affiliate with the ORNL Climate Change Science Institute, the UTK EECS Center for Intelligent Systems and Machine Learning, and the ORNL Biomedical Science and Engineering Center. He is the recipient of the 2014 UT-Battelle Early Career Researcher Award, the 2014 ORNL Technology Commercialization Award, the 2013 R&D 100 Award, and the 2013 ORNL Technology Commercialization Award. Dr. Steed has 80 publications as well as 1 approved and 2 pending patents. In addition to being a senior member of the IEEE and IEEE Computer Society, he is a member of the ACM, ACM SIGGRAPH, and ACM SIGCHI.

Selected Publications

Chad A. Steed, Jamison Daniel, Margaret Drouhard, Steven Hahn, and Thomas Proffen
Immersive Analytics Workshop at IEEE VR 2016
pdf · slides
Blake Haugen, Stephen Richmond, Jakub Kurzak, Chad A. Steed, and Jack Dongarra
2nd Workshop on Visual Performance Analysis 2015 at SC 2015
Chad A. Steed, Margaret Drouhard, Justin Beaver, Joshua Pyle, and Paul L. Bogen II
IEEE International Conference on Big Data 2015
pdf · slides
Margaret Drouhard, Chad A. Steed, Steven Hahn, Thomas Proffen, Jamison Daniel, and Michael Matheson
2nd Workshop on Advances in Software and Hardware for Big Data to Knowledge Discovery 2015 at IEEE Big Data 2015
Alex Belianinov, Rama K. Vasudevan, Evgheni Strelcov, Chad Steed, Sang Mo Yang, Alexander Tselev, Stephen Jesse, Michael Biegalski, Galen Shipman, Christopher Symons, Albina Borisevich, Richard Archibald, and Sergei Kalinin
Advanced Structural and Chemical Imaging, 1(6):1-25, 2015
Chad A. Steed, Justin Beaver, Paul L. Bogen II, Margaret Drouhard, and Joshua Pyle
ACM IUI Workshop on Visual Text Analytics
pdf · slides
Chad A. Steed, Katherine J. Evans, John F. Harney, Brian C. Jewell, Galen Shipman, Brian E. Smith, Peter E. Thornton, and Dean N. Williams
IEEE International Conference on Big Data 2014
Dali Wang, Yang Xu, Peter Thornton, Anthony King, Chad Steed, Lianhong Gu, and Joseph Schuchart
Environmental Modeling & Software, 55:25-31, 2014
Chad A. Steed, Thomas E. Potok, Laura L. Pullum, Arvind Ramanathan, Galen Shipman, and Peter E. Thornton
4th SC Workshop on Petascale (Big) Data Analytics @ SC 2013, 2013
Arvind Ramanathan, Laura L. Pullum, Chad A. Steed, Shannon S. Quinn, Chakra S. Chennubhotla, and Tara Parker
3rd Interactive Visual Text Analytics Workshop @ IEEE VIS, 2013
Arvind Ramanathan, Laura L. Pullum, Chad A. Steed, Shannon S. Quinn, Chakra S. Chennubhotla
IEEE VAST Workshop on Public Health's Wicked Problems: Can InfoVis Save Lives?, 2013
Chad A. Steed, Daniel M. Ricciuto, Galen Shipman, Brian Smith, Peter E. Thornton, Dali Wang, and Dean N. Williams
Computers & Geosciences, 61:71-82, 2013
 2013 best paper awardpdf
Dean N. Williams, Timo Bremer, Charles Doutriaux, John Patchett, Sean Williams, Galen Shipman, Ross Miller, David R. Pugmire, Brian Smith, Chad A. Steed, E. Wes Bethel, Hank Childs, Harinarayan Krishnan, Prabhat, Claudio T. Silva, Emanuele Santos, David Koop, Tommy Ellqvist, Jorge Poco, Berk Geveci, Aashish Chaudhary, Andy Bauer, Alexander Pletzer, Dave Kindig, Gerald L. Potter, and Thomas P. Maxwell
IEEE Computer, 46(9):68-76, 2013
Chad A. Steed, J. Edward Swan II, Patrick J. Fitzpatrick, T.J. Jankun-Kelly
Innovative Approaches of Data Visualization and Visual Analytics, pp. 25-45, 2013
Robert Patton, Chad A. Steed, Chris G. Stahl, and Jim N. Treadwell
International Conference on Computational Science and Applications (ICCSA 2013), 2013
Brian Smith, Daniel M. Ricciuto, Peter E. Thornton, Galen Shipman, Chad A. Steed, and Dean Williams
International Conference on Computational Science, 2013
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