chad a. steed

Senior Research Staff
Computational Data Analytics Group
Computer Science and Mathematics
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Joint Faculty Appointment
EECS, University of Tennessee

Adjunct Professor
CSE, Mississippi State University

One Bethel Valley Road
P.O. Box 2008, MS-6085
Oak Ridge, TN 37831-6085
csteed (at)

Twitter: @docchad

selected artwork

iPad Time Lapse Sketches

I sketched these drawing on an iPad using various iOS apps that allow me to capture a time lapse movie of the sketch process. I enjoy the convenience of the iPad for sketching and with new advances like the Apple Pencil, the experience is becoming closer to the fell of real pencil and paper. I particularly enjoy the time lapse of the sketch process as it captures the evolution and dynamic nature of art.

iPad Drawings

Charcoal Drawings from Art School Days

When I entered college, I aspired to become an artist. Although I eventually changed my major to computer science, I took several art classes at the University of Southern Mississippi. In this collection, I have selected some of my favorite charcoal drawings from the hundreds of drawings I produced for two drawing courses.

Charcoal Drawings

Parallel Coordinates Art

In my data visualization research, I have used the parallel coordinates information visualization technique often for multivariate data analysis. In this collection, I approach the parallel coordinates technique from a purely artistic point-of-view.