Remembering Todd

By Chad A. Steed

May 5, 2018

I thought about you today,
Reminded by two boys playing football;
They played until the sunlight faded away,
Much like we did every fall.

So few are the days that come to an end,
When I'm not reminded of our childhood days:
As much time together as we did spend,
A reminder lurks in every gaze.

As boys, we roamed the piney woods, so vast,
And raced our bikes down a country lane;
Like the rivers we floated, youth rushed by fast,
And a bond almost like brothers was our gain.

And when into adulthood did we advance,
Contact was lost—different lives on different trails:
We reunited a decade later, by chance,
And spent an afternoon reliving old tales.

Thereafter, when a memory appeared,
We sent messages and laughed at the thought;
It's funny how we each remembered,
Details that the other forgot.

And I saw you rise from desolation,
And you unselfishly helped others too:
Chains broken, you sang of God's salvation,
Using the very gifts He bestowed upon you.

But our conversations stopped again,
Failed connections, access denied;
And a sense of foreboding stirred within,
Until one day I received a call—you died.

Since then, the song of our friendship plays differently,
An instrumental rendition, vocals removed:
And with time to ponder our friendship deeply,
I find it more of a treasure proved.

Gone a year now, I miss my friend,
Yet it comforts me to think heaven was your gain:
And I hope the remembrances never end,
They bring a smile to my face and a twinge of pain.

© Chad A. Steed

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